Our story

PEKMEZ+BOZ INTERIORS was founded in 2010 by Elmon Pekmez and Nükhet Boz .

The duo met during their student years at MSÜ Faculty of Fine Arts; After graduating, they gained good experiences in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and design for many years. After gaining sufficient professional experience, they decided to pursue their own dreams under the umbrella of Pekmez+Boz.



In 2013, Elmon and Nükhet implemented BOOM ROOM, a renovation project that redesigned spaces in a single day . Within the framework of this concept, after the meeting with the venue owners, the design, preparation, manufacturing and shopping process begins, which takes 3-4 weeks. On the designated BOOM day, a large team enters the venue in the morning and is handed over to its owners with all the details in the evening. Practical, enjoyable and full of surprises, the BOOM ROOM project has captured the pace of life and brought a brand new trend to the world of interior architecture.

At BOOM ROOM , where we give your living spaces a brand new look in a single day, we design special details for each project.


Small Touches Big Effects

Among these details, pillows have always been our favorite thanks to their power to transform spaces.

For this very reason; We created BOOM BASTIK to share these great effects of pillows with everyone and to give the feeling of BOOM to spaces with just a few of them.

BOOM BASTIK Collections

While designing BOOM BASTIK collections, we are inspired by the freshness they add to your living spaces and the relief they give to your soul.

We carefully plan all the details and patterns, carefully select the fabrics and bindings, and create different collections every season.


Places That Open Your Heart

Just a few BOOM BASTIK are all it takes to revamp your favorite seating corner, completely change the mood of your room, or simply add a seasonal touch to your living room.

Thanks to BOOM BASTIK, we are delighted to help you create heartwarming living spaces.

Hoping to meet you in many new collections full of innovations, where we all beautify our environment together...